Yangon Aquafeed Processing

Introducing high-quality aquafeed to Myanmar’s growing aquaculture industry


In Myanmar, the necessary ingredients (such as agricultural and horticultural processing byproducts) for the production of high-quality aquafeed are abundant. However, a large percentage of these byproducts are treated as waste and disposed of indiscriminately. On the other hand, the aquaculture industry is forecast to grow tremendously in the coming years, leading to a commensurate increase in demand for high-quality aquafeed.

The Project

Infra Capital Myanmar, on behalf of InfraCo Asia, is finalizing the development of an aquafeed facility that will process waste into high-value fish feed. The Project will then reduce time for fish to reach maturity and lower overall cost of fish feed, thus improving fish farmer’s revenue, overall livelihoods and will reduce poverty. This project will also transfer skills and knowledge to the local workforce. It is expected that up to about 540 farmers would benefit from increase in livelihood income.