Myanmar Wind Power

Demonstrating the viability of renewable energy (wind power) infrastructure investments in Myanmar.


The ability to use wind resources for power generation in Myanmar bears significant prospects. Nonetheless, key project barriers exit to introducing wind power into Myanmar energy mix.

The main barrier is the lack of bankable wind resource data and successful project implementation track record, which can be solved by collecting bankable wind resource data and providing international best-practice project development experience for wind power projects. In addition, the technical knowhow to build, operate and manage such a project is nonexistent at the moment. Therefore, capacity building and knowledge transfer is necessary to support wind power project development in Myanmar.

The Project

The proposed project aims to demonstrate the viability of the Myanmar wind power industry by:

  • Developing a portfolio of 263 MW wind power capacity;
  • Building local government capacity pertaining to power generation regulation towards recognisable international standards; and
  • Collaborating with key local stakeholders to develop a deeper understanding of the available wind resource within the country.

The end objective of these activities would be to develop a pipeline of “shovel-ready” and internationally bankable wind power project, with the collaboration and support of the Myanmar government.