Myanmar Rural Electrification Services

Supplying and distributing power to off-grid areas in Myanmar and anchor clients, such as telecommunication towers


There is a rapidly growing need for mobile network coverage within Myanmar and its growing economy. To date, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in the remote areas of Myanmar have had to rely on pollution-heavy diesel-based power sources to power up their sites.

With more efficient / greener / hybrid power generation solutions, there is a potential to displace 440,000 litres of diesel, 889 tons of CO2 per year and noisy/inefficient generators that run 24/7. In addition, the vast majority of Myanmar remains unelectrified which prevents the majority of the country’s isolated regions from sustainable development.

The Project

Infra Capital Myanmar, on behalf of InfraCo Asia, is developing this project which aims to supply power to off-grid networks and telecommunication towers in Myanmar through a proven Energy Service Company (ESCO) business model. It will improve the design of the existing power systems and incorporate renewable energy generation options for improved energy efficiency and cost savings. This project will use hybrid technologies consisting of diesel generators, batteries and solar PV panels.

In addition, it will provide access to social infrastructure such as community centres that will host medical clinics, community libraries, charging stations, etc. The project will also provide electricity to local communities / end-users that have currently no connection to the main power grid, enabling growth and economic development in these areas.